Two passions of mine come together at Taspartout: a passion for bags – which is evident – and for travelling. On this website you can admire what this cross-fertilization leads to in a creative sense: colourful bags, inspired by all kinds of countries and cultures. Every single one of them is handmade and unique. Great care has been given to the finishing: most bags have a zip-closed inner pocket, a fun colourful lining and characteristic details. Most bags are made of genuine leather and decorated with exotic fabrics or traditional techniques such as macramé, crocheting, embroidery, knitting and appliqué. Or even unlikely materials such as wood, bamboo, string and beads may be used in the creation of yet another surprising new bag. Are you keeping a piece of fabric that you love in a drawer or a beautiful shell that reminds you of that heavenly beach? Take it out and have a custom-made bag created especially for you by Taspartout.

For questions or suggestions or – better still – to order a unique handmade bag by Taspartout, please fill out the contact form.

Each Taspartout bag is created with respect for people and planet in a small studio in Geldrop. You can wear it proudly!